We consider it an honor to help arrange final tributes for our  veterans, their families and loved ones. We can assist with military funeral honor ceremonies for eligible veterans and help to explain benefits that are available. Contact us at 918-245-4142 for more information. 

 Flag Retirement

 United States Code Title 4 Chapter 1 - The Flag, Section 8K states the following:

"The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning."

What is the proper way to dispose a flag?

In many American communities, one or more organizations (such as the American Legion) render an important community service by collecting and overseeing the proper disposal of old, worn, tattered, and/or frayed U.S. Flags. Some organizations make it an annual service project; others announce when and where Flags will be accepted. Churches, synagogues, chambers of commerce, civic organizations, and businesses sometimes have served as "drop off" locations for the collection of worn flags. Any American Legion or local VFW will take flags for retirement.

The local Sand Springs chapter of the American Legion post #17 conducts an annual retirement ceremony at Woodland Memorial Park with the assistance of Dillon Funeral Service. To properly and honorably burn and bury the ashes in a designated area at Woodland Memorial Park Cemetery in Sand Springs.

 Billie Allen Hall Memorial

 Dillon Funeral Home has been collaborating with the American Legion Post #17 to recognize Billy Hall, the son of Thalma Hall from the Sand Springs Home who became a Vietnam War hero.  Post #17 is seeking to obtain the Congressional Medal of Honor for Hall's service during the Vietnam War. 

According to the Arlington National Cemetery website"Hall joined the U.S. Army and was eventually assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division and sent to Vietnam in 1965 as a medic in the Special Forces Green Berets.

During the battle of A Shau in 1966, while attending wounded soldiers, a mortar round exploded near Hall, tearing off his legs and cutting his stomach. According to witnesses, Hall tried to drag his torn body to other wounded soldiers in order to treat them but did not have the strength, so he had others drag the wounded to his position and told them how to treat the wounded.

The witnesses said only after the wounded had been treated did Hall allow himself to be carried to a nearby dispensary area. He refused any drugs for the pain and had only tourniquets applied to his legs so he could continue to treat the wounded.

Hall survived for five hours in the center of the battle before he slipped into a coma and died of his injuries. His selfless sacrifice to save his fellow soldiers became a source of inspiration for the garrison to push back the enemy.  He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery."

Dillon Funeral Service @ Woodland Memorial Park unveiled the new memorial monument in honor of Billie Allen Hall on Memorial Day 2010 during a special dedication and unveiling ceremony.  Friends and family of the Vietnam War hero attended the special ceremony and monument unveiling.  The Billie Hall Memorial monument is a gift from Dillon Funeral Home to honor Billie, his widow and family, the American Legion, the Sand Springs Home and the citizens of the Sand Springs community.

The monument is located in a prominent spot near the entrance of Woodland Memorial Park for easy access for all park visitors.

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